TMSI the creator of panta rhei, Accuratix and the antidote framework

Creativity, enterpreneurship and proven expertise

.... continue to keep TMSI Software Office Ltd at the forefront of developments in an industry where the only constant is change. This is the reason we named our flagship product panta rhei, deriving from the Greeks, literally meaning "all things are in constant flux". The famous axiom of Heraclitus, c.540- c.480 BC, Greek philosopher of Ephesus, quoted by Plato.

Our mission

... is to unveil, pinpoint and prevent risks threatening to ruin the reputation of the IT managers, by off-loading the ever-increasing burden pressing them. One of our customers gave us a moniker: "The psychologists of IT Managers."

From the very beginning, we were always backing the IT Managers. We immediately realized the threats and the risks that may harm the reputation of the company they work for, that are dangerous to their position within and beyond the organization. This is the reason we developed a framework years ago called antidotum: a complete set of products and services to fight against piracy, virus infiltration, unsolicited and unwanted email called spam and other attacks coming from the outside World.

Our philosophy lies in the best-of-the-breed concept in IT security. Beside developing state-of-the-art, top class software asset management and license inventory tools our company is a Platinum Partner for Sophos, the global leader is IT Security.

IT assets at a glance
We support the IT manager's anti-piracy efforts with our proprietary software and hardware inventory and software management products: Accuratix for the SMBs and the highly scalable, sophisticated panta rhei extending even the capabilities of Microsoft Systems Management Server.
Viruses left out
On the side of anti-virus systems, we are a Primary Partner for Sophos, whose family of products is the most reliable, least resource hungry, simple to understand and cost-effective. Sophos is a clear technology leader in the most complex, yet bullet-proof updating system in the industry.
Keep mailboxes tidy
More than a half of all emails in the World is unwanted and unsolicited. We are helping the fight against the problem with anti-spam solutions, thus increasing the productivity of employees by lowering the lost time spent on reading the unwanted emails.
Preventive officer
Everyone knows that every company connected to the Internet is exposed to unwanted attacks. But not everyone is aware that the firewalls and other anti-hacker tools do not unnecessarily have to be costly. Kerio products are certainly not of those.